Blue Cottage
Blue - 1 Bedroom

Green Cottage
Green - 1 Bedroom

Red Cottage
Red - 2 Bedroom

Yellow Cottage
Yellow - 2 Bedroom

Lime Cottage
Lime - 3 Bedroom

About us

Aguas Claras was created in an effort to rescue the architectural style typical of the Caribbean region. Along our coast, this style barely survived in a few buildings in Limón and Cahuita, and on the islands of Bocas del Toro just across the border into Panama.

The Caribbean style developed in the colonial period when the Victorian style was brought to the islands by British and French colonizers in the 18th and 19th centuries and mixed with the color and naiveté of the indigenous and Africans of the area.

This mixture of influences are adapted to the tropical habitat and gives the Caribbean architecture its predominant features: high roofs with extended eaves and a broken roof line, intense colors with Victorian decorations, all built upon stilts to protect us from the high humidity.

In this spirit of classical innocence we welcome
you to Aguas Claras!