Blue Cottage
Blue - 1 Bedroom

Green Cottage
Green - 1 Bedroom

Red Cottage
Red - 2 Bedroom

Yellow Cottage
Yellow - 2 Bedroom

Lime Cottage
Lime - 3 Bedroom

Please enjoy our services


The Reception has Wi-Fi fast internet connection that you may use freely with your laptop.

Telephone and Fax:

Ask our staff at the Reception for the phone.
• National Phone Calls - $ 0.25 per min.
• USA, Canada, Europe, Sur America – use blue Telephone inside the Reception
• Receiving fax – $ 0.25 per page
• Sending fax – $ 0.50 per page / national – $ 1.25 per page / international


There is a wash and dry laundry service.
Please ask at the Reception.

Information on Activities and Excursions:

If you are interested in any the following activities: jungle or boat tours, rafting, kayaking, snorkeling or diving, dolphin watching, exploring the Bribri Indian reserves, etc., our staff will be happy to help you coordinate with select and certified guides, also very special characters.

Massage and Beauty:

You might want to take good care of yourself while Mother Nature is watching. Ask for Rosario, for an unforgettable massage.

Have our staff advise you about the excellent restaurants in our area.

Reception is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Check-in time:  2 pm   /   Check-out time: 12 pm